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Chronicles of a Big Family Part 1

September 27, 2016

img_6464This is a very touchy subject to personally cover on my blog. I’ve been trying to wrap my brain how I would approach this topic. Did I personally plan to have a huge family? No, I certainly didn’t plan this. Sometimes thing’s just happen for a reason. Since the birth of my youngest, I have been tip toeing around the question “How many children do you have?”. I cringe every time this question gets asked. I am not ashamed of them in any way, I just feel like once the words “7 Children” come out, I become a freak show in a circus. All of a sudden everyone wants to shame me on how many children I have. If I don’t get shamed, I at least get asked a million questions like I’m some Superwoman. There is no in between with this. I’m either the most horrible creature on earth for creating this many children or I’m a Wonder Woman with superpowers who can handle just about anything. I’m human... or at least I think I am anyway. Heh.


I started having children at the young age of 19 when I was working for a childcare facility. My first 4 children we’re back to back. My 7 & 8 year old will even be 8 together here in October until he turns 9 this November. I’m crazy, yes. These are my true Irish Twins who were actually asked if they were real twins. I’ve attracted pictures of them as babies. Time sure does fly by. Emma will be 8 next month. Seriously, where does the time go?


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